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Save and exit the file. Once you're done, cron job will run this command every hour and will clear the system memory caches. After testing with the above command, the sample results are shown in the below screen shots. Before running the memory cache clearing script. After running the memory cache clearing script Flushing the cache is also a good way to clear unnecessary data residing on our systems. So let us see how we can flush the DNS cache on our Debian systems. We have executed the commands and procedures mentioned in this article on a Debian 10 Buster system. Since we are using the Linux command line-the Terminal to flush the cache, you can open. So it's no problem to flush cache memory. This article has details about how to Flush Memory Cache on Linux Server. Clear Linux Memory Buffer Cache. There are three options available to flush the cache of Linux memory. Use one of below as per your requirements. Free pagecache, dentries and inodes in cache memory sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm. Can I safely remove /var/cache? Ask Question Asked 8 years, 7 months ago. yum clean all # or dnf clean all Debian based (Ubuntu,) apt-get autoclean SUSE based. zypper clean share | improve this answer | follow | edited Apr 13 '17 at 12:36. Community ♦ 1. answered Aug 31 '15 at 21:03. Kevin Kevin. 389 4 4 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. 2 +1! I noticed today that I am running out.

Debian / Ubuntu Linux: Clear the Package Cache last updated January 16, 2009 in Categories BASH Shell, Debian / Ubuntu, File system, Hardware, Linux, Package Management, Troubleshooting, Ubuntu Linux. Q. I've Debian Linux installed on 10 GB hard disk and noticed that /var/cache/apt/archives/ has lots of file taking my precious 1Gb disk space. Can I remove those file safely without causing. 5 Ways to Clear Memory Cache on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP It is necessary to clear cache memory to fully utilize your CPU power. Cache memory causes lots of problems by occupying a huge amount of computer RAM (Random Access Memory). That's why it is always recommended to clear memory cache from your Windows computer to get optimum performance. Cache memory is something that it really useful to. This video illustrates the Memory management like Clear RAM Memory Cache, Buffer and Swap Space in Linux. For more explanation on this video: https://www.lin.. Therefore, during the troubleshooting process when one is in the process of confirming a fix to a problem, it is a good idea to clear the memory immediately to check result. A reboot will work too, but that's a lot of time wastage and includes killing the current session. Instead, how about wiping the RAM in the same session to save time? Let's take a look However, if I can disable this process / clean the cache once after that, I think my system will speed up to some extent. Correct me if I am wrong here. I have also tried Bleachbit memory cleaning, but it doesn't seem to clean the memory cache properly. Also, the feature is still in an experimental stage

How to clear the cache of nginx? Ask Question Asked 9 years ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 352k times 250. 68. I use nginx to as the front server, I have modified the CSS files, but nginx is still serving the old ones. I have tried to restart nginx, to no success and I have Googled, but not found a valid way to clear it. Some articles say we can just delete the cache directory: var/cache. Clearing RAM Memory Cache, Buffer and Swap Space on Linux. Memory management like Clear RAM Memory Cache, Buffer and Swap Space in Linux will be discussed in this article. To Clear Cache in Linux. Generally all the Linux System will have three options to clear cache without interrupting any services or processes

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Hopefully this makes clear the importance of the page cache, and why total goofball idiots such as the one you linked from here are well, total goofball idiots for presenting this kind of information in an inappropriately context-free way (another WP article worth reading: the cargo cult) . I've been as rude as I can about that, but it is not your fault for falling for this. I think most. There could be many other reasons to clear Linux command line history. In this brief tutorial, we will be seeing how to clear Command line history in Linux system. Clear Command line history in Linux. There are many ways to clear Command line history. Here I have given five methods which will help you to clear the command line history. 1 How to clear cached memory on ubuntu. Posted on September 16, 2013 by ruchi 20 Comments. By default the Linux OS has a very efficient memory management process that should be freeing any cached memory on the machine that it is being run on. However when it comes to Cached memory the Linux OS may at times decide that the Cached memory is being used and is needed which can lead to memory related. 6 Commands to Clear Linux Terminal . April 26, 2018 Updated April 26, 2018 By Jamie Arthur LINUX HOWTO. Sometimes, as you go about running commands on a Linux terminal, you may feel that the terminal is somewhat 'filled up' with commands and outputs of those commands. Therefore, you may want to clear the terminal to declutter it and continue from the top once more. In this article, we are.

Last Updated on January 31, 2019. Let's go through the process to clear memory cache and buffer on Linux based operating systems. We will show how to flush memory cache on Linux But the flip side is that the apt package cache can quickly swell to several hundred MBs. This command tells you how big your apt cache is: du -sh /var/cache/apt/archives. To clean the apt cache on Ubuntu simply run the following command. sudo apt-get clean. The apt clean command removes ALL packages kept in the apt cache, regardless of age or. Clearing cache with arp command. The arp utility does not accept an option to clear the full cache. Instead, it allows to flush out entries found with the -d option.. arp -d 192.168.1. NFS cache-cleaning command? Ask Question Asked 8 years, 6 months ago. I'm using some servers, one is an NFS server and the others are NFS client servers. All servers are Debian(lenny, 2.6.26-2-amd64 of Linux) and versions are following. % dpkg -l | grep nfs ii libnfsidmap2 0.20-1 An nfs idmapping library ii nfs-common 1:1.1.2-6lenny1 NFS support files common to client and server ii nfs. Caching With Apache's mod_cache On Debian Lenny . Version 1.0 Author: Falko Timme Follow me on Twitter. This article explains how you can cache your web site contents with Apache's mod_cache on Debian Lenny. If you have a high-traffic dynamic web site that generates lots of database queries on each request, you can decrease the server load dramatically by caching your content for a few minutes.

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The proper way to flush the cache on nscd is nscd -i hosts and for named, rndc flush Anything else, like /etc/init.d/nscd reload depends on how your distro wrote the init script. Just because that works for you on Fedora does not mean Debian or someone else set it up that way as well 1. clear pagecache 2. clear dentries, inodes 3. clear pagecache, dentries, inodes

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~/clear_memory_cache.shは実行したいスクリプトのパスとファイル名に置き換えてください。 0 3 * * * bash ~/clear_memory_cache.sh まとめ. Linuxでメモリキャッシュをクリアする方法をまとめました。やったね Caching With Apache's mod_cache On Debian Etch. Version 1.0 Author: Falko Timme . This article explains how you can cache your web site contents with Apache's mod_cache on Debian Etch. If you have a high-traffic dynamic web site that generates lots of database queries on each request, you can decrease the server load dramatically by caching your content for a few minutes or more (that depends. Learn how to clear swap in Linux without losing any important data. Also learn why would you clear the swap manually. Swap is a virtual memory concept that allows your system to use a portion of your hard drive as the physical memory ().Your system swaps the inactive pages in memory in RAM to this swap space on the hard disk how to restart/clear memcache without restarting the whole web server? Ask Question Asked 9 years, 2 months ago. I want to clear the memcache from command line. Can I do it somehow without 'touching' any other part of the web server? memcached php. share | improve this question | follow | edited Sep 6 '13 at 23:00. user70463 asked Apr 13 '11 at 7:33. Radek Radek. 1,023 4 4 gold badges 24.

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  1. Hi, we are facing cache memory utilization is too high from past few days on our production server. Due to that, we unable to start any application until unless we freed the cache manually. Hence, we want to find out which process utilized high cache memory. Could you please help how to find out that
  2. Experiments and fun with the Linux disk cache. Hopefully you are now convinced that Linux didn't just eat your ram. Here are some interesting things you can do to learn how the disk cache works. Note: The examples shown are for and from 2009 era hardware without SSDs. You may have to multiply several of the example numbers here by 10 to see an appreciable effect. Effects of disk cache on.
  3. It can be enabled, and PHP can attempt to store its Opcache in memory, but as soon as your CLI command ends, the cache is gone as well. To clear the Opcache on CLI, just restart your PHP command. It's usually as simple as CTRL+C to abort the command and start it again
  4. al and run this command: free -
  5. Resolved How to clear the Server Cache. Thread starter SleepTri; Start date Oct 3, 2017; S. SleepTri New Pleskian. Oct 3, 2017 #1 Hey there, following situation, wordpress runs on the server and works great so far but after changing some lines for a css file via the dashboard, the website does not show the changes. In the support forum of the wordpress theme, they explained me to clear my.

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How to Clear RAM Memory Cache, Buffer and Swap Space on Linux. 03.12.2018 10:56. Ссылка на оригинал . Текстовые метки: linux clear ram cache swap memory buffer . Раздел: Linux. Like any other operating system, GNU/Linux has implemented a memory management efficiently and even more than that. But if any process is eating away your memory and you want to clear. A Script to Clear Cached RAM on Linux. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. pklaus / clearRAM.sh. Last active May 16, 2020. Star 44 Fork 28 Code Revisions 6 Stars 43 Forks 28. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link. As I understand, polipo is a caching proxy so you want to allow memory caching but you want to clear the cache when you leave a given website (and cookies if any). I think what I probably want is to allow memory but not disk caching during Tor browsing but to clear the cache (and cookies if any) when Ieave a site. Typically I browse pages at some site and then move to a completely different.

How to clear the buffer/pagecache (disk cache) under Linux. By admin. Are you facing a performance issue and you suspect it might be related to cache usage? High cache usage should not normally cause performance issues, but it might be the root cause in some rare cases. What is Memory Cache. In order to speed operations and reduce disk I/O, the kernel usually does as much caching as it has. 1 Linux下内存占用多的原因当linux第一次读取一个文件运行时,一份放到一片内存中cache起来,另一份放入运行程序的内存中,正常运行,当程序运行完,关闭了,cache中的那一分却没有释放,第二次运行的时候,系统先看看在内存中是否有一地次运行时存起来的cache中的副本,如果有的话,直接从内存. Clear / Flush cached memory [duplicate] Ask Question Asked 7 years, 6 If I remember correctly, echoing 1 will clear page cache and 2 will clear dentry and inode cache. 3 will clear pagecache, dentry and inode caches. share | improve this answer | follow | | | | edited Oct 7 '12 at 11:03. user9517. 109k 17 17 gold badges 178 178 silver badges 265 265 bronze badges. answered Oct 7 '12 at 10. Ubuntu system keeps a cache of DEB packages in /var/cache/apt/archives directory. Over time, this cache can quickly grow and hold a lot of space on your system. Run the following command to check the current utilization of APT cache. $ sudo du -sh /var/cache/apt 147M /var/cache/apt It cleans obsolete deb-packages. I mean to say, less than clean How To Clear The SSSD Cache In Linux. Posted by Jarrod on April 13, 2016 Leave a comment (3) Go to comments. The System Security Services Daemon provides access to identity and authentication providers. Basically rather than relying on locally configured authentication, SSSD is used to lookup its local cache. The entries within this cache may come from different remote identity providers, such.

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  1. The terms buffer and cache are not mutually exclusive and the functions are frequently combined; however, there is a difference in intent.[citation needed] A buffer is a temporary memory location, that is traditionally used because CPU instructions cannot directly address data stored in peripheral devices. Thus, addressable memory is used as intermediate stage
  2. Distribution: Debian. Posts: 443 Rep: How to clear memory swap? I have 2G of physical memory and 1G of memory swap. Very rarely the memory swap is used and when usage is around 1% while, then gets a lot of free physical memory... My question is: It is possible to clean up the memory swap. Or better still (I think). It is possible to spend physical memory for data that is in memory swap.
  3. Virtual Memory is called as Swap space in Linux and is used when the physical memory (RAM) is full. When the system needs more memory and the RAM is full, inactive pages in the memory will be moved to the swap space. Swap is not a replacement to physical memory, it is just a small portion on hard drive; it must be created during the installation. It is better to have swap space equal to 2X RAM

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Debian Lenny stable KOTAPAKA Posts: 507 Joined: 2008-02-22 00:26 Location: UK. Top. by anxious » 2008-11-04 20:04 . free -m, I think. I would sync first, tho. But why do you want to flush the ram? It's purpose is for caching to speed things up. When an app needs ram or data needs it, the cache&buffers will be flushed as needed. anxious Posts: 239 Joined: 2008-07-10 20:21 Location: U.S. Top. How to auto clear cache on ubuntu 17.10? Ask Question Asked 2 years, 1 month ago. Active 2 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 2k times 0. The .cache folder(The folder with cache) is eating up my space most of the time and I always how to clear it. How do I get Ubuntu to automatically delete every cache file, including clearing the recycle bin whenever it deletes it but only files that were in the. It stores the cache in memory ensuring that web server resources are not wasted in creating the same web page over and over again when requested by a client. It can be configured to run in front of a web server to serve pages in a much faster way thus making websites load quickly. It supports load balancing with health checking of backends, URL rewriting, graceful handling of dead.

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5 commands to check memory usage on Linux; 5 commands to check memory usage on Linux. By Silver Moon | i have enough memory in my server(16 go), please tell me how to free buffers/cache memory. free -m total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 16052 15958 93 0 68 8858 -/+ buffers/cache: 7030 9021 Swap: 24575 89 24486. Reply. Nelson Rafael . April 28, 2020 at 1:01 pm. swapoff -a && swapon. Once you're done, cron job will run this command every hour and will clear the system memory caches. After testing with the above command, the sample results are shown in the below screen shots. Before running the memory cache clearing script. After running the memory cache clearing script. As per the above outputs, the memory caches are reduced a bit. Share this: Click to share on Facebook. For the first, the cache is held only in RAM. However you can view it with rndc dumpdb --cache which will be saved (on Debian and Ubuntu) by default to /var/cache/bind/. For the second, I think that perhaps you don't know what a view is with regard to bind. A view is an alternate zone presented to a subset of clients. For example, if you have a. Free Up Unused Memory Command 1 You can free up unused memory under Ubuntu/Linux Mint using this command: sudo sysctl -w vm.drop_caches=3 NOTE: this action won't make your system faster nor it will affect its stability and performance, it will just clean up memory used by the Linux Kernel on caches. Command

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Amazon, Clear, Debian, Gentoo, Red Hat, SUSE & Ubuntu Performance On The EC2 Cloud. Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 28 November 2017. Page 1 of 5. 10 Comments. It's been a few months since last running a Linux distribution / operating system comparison on Amazon's EC2 public cloud, but given the ever-advancing state of Linux, here are some fresh benchmarks when testing the. Apt-cacher is a caching proxy for Debian packages, allowing a number of computers to share a single cache. Packages requested from the cache only need to be downloaded from the Debian mirrors once, no matter how many local machines need to install them. This saves network bandwidth, improves performance for users, and reduces the load on the mirrors. In addition to proxying and caching HTTP. Litespeed Cache ( LSCACHE ) Details and Advantages. By Jithin on December 23rd, 2016. Litespeed cache. Have you ever heard about Litespeed cache? As the name indicates, the Litespeed cache is a cache and it is used in the Litespeed Web Server. In this documentation, we are going to see the Litespeed cache in detail. Before looking into the. systemd-resolved: How to clear DNS cache? #940. paulmenzel opened this issue Aug 12, 2015 · 20 comments Labels. resolve. Comments. Copy link Quote reply Contributor paulmenzel commented Aug 12, 2015. Sometimes it's needed to clear the DNS cache. Restarting systemd-resolved doesn't do it. How can the DNS cache be cleared? 1 This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link. I just noticed tutorial about clearing DNS cache, and there are lots of commands stored in my bash shell cache. Can you tell me the command to clear out my command history or cache from a shell prompt? Many programs read input from the user a line at a time. The GNU history library can keep track of those lines, arbitrary associate data with.

A shared memory cache through an mmap'ed file. It's core is written in C for performance. It uses fcntl locking to ensure multiple processes can safely access the cache at the same time. It uses a basic LRU algorithm to keep the most used entries in the cache. DESCRIPTION¶ In multi-process environments (eg mod_perl, forking daemons, etc), it's common to want to cache information, but have. This article explains how you can cache your web site contents with Apache's mod_cache on Debian Lenny. If you have a high-traffic dynamic web site that generates lots of database queries on each request, you can decrease the server load dramatically by caching your content for a few minutes or more (that depends on how often you update your content) Downloads. Clear Linux* OS Desktop. Launch a live desktop to explore the power of Clear Linux OS without modifying your host. Use the GUI installer to install on bare metal. Download SHA512 Signature Clear Linux* OS Server. Launch a lightweight live server image to explore Clear Linux OS from the command line. Use a text-based installer to install on bare metal. Download SHA512 Signature. Linux の top コマンドや free コマンドで表示される cached は、勝手にどんどん増えていきます。 free がなくなるとこの cached が少しずつ解放されて使われます。 cached も buffers も空きメモリの一部ですので、これらが溜まっているからといって無理やり解放させる必要は通常はありません。cached を. I've covered most of the available options with apt-get and apt-cache commands, but still there are more options available, you can check them out using 'man apt-get' or 'man apt-cache' from the terminal. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, If I've missed anything and you would like me to add to the list. Please feel free to mention in the comment below

Apt-cacher has been optimized for best utilization of network bandwidth and efficiency even on slow low-memory servers. Multiple ways of installation are possible: as a stand-alone HTTP proxy, as a daemon executed by inetd or as a CGI program (deprecated). Client machines are configured by changing APT's proxy configuration or modification of access URLs in sources.list Freeing Disk Space in Kali Linux (Basic steps), Especially the apt-get Cache Kali is a Debian-based Linux developed with penetration-testers in mind. Think of it as a toolbox. It is basically a Debian Linux, but with all the penetration testing tools installed, for free. This includes Metasploit, OpenVAS vulnerability scanners, exploitDB, Hydra, aircrack-ng, John the Ripper, etc. These come on. Automation of deleting Redis cache using Ansible devops tool. Say you have 10 different Redis server running and you want to remove all the keys of all existing DBs. Create a host file as follows: $ cat hosts Sample outputs: [redis] ansible_user=vivek vm1-eu vm2-us vm3-bom vm4-del vm5-nyc vm6-eu-2 vm7-linod-fr-1 vm8-do-blr-1 vm9-do-blr-2 vm10-linod-tx-1. Now all you have to do is run the.

Monitoring memory usage in Debian; How to fix high memory usage in Debian; Diagnosing Memory Hardware in Debian; Related articles; The first chapter is a fast view over commands free, top, ps and /proc/meminfo, following common troubleshooting commands including cleaning the cache, killing processes and ram memory tests for hardware issues which is the less probable scenario, each command is. Clean up the cache by removing old cached files until the specified file number and cache size limits are not exceeded. This also recalculates the cache file count and size totals. Normally, it's not needed to initiate cleanup manually as ccache keeps the cache below the specified limits at runtime and keeps statistics up to date on each compilation. Forcing a cleanup is mostly useful if you. The memory key defines how much memory (in megabytes) should be used inside the virtual machine. The image_type key defines which output disk type should be used; this can be any value that libvirt supports. The cache section allows some manipulation of how Oz caches data. The caching of data in Oz is a tradeoff between installation time and. available memory (or free + buffers/cache) has enough room (let's say, 20%+ of total) swap used does not change; Warning signs of a genuine low memory situation that you may want to look into: available memory (or free + buffers/cache) is close to zero; swap used increases or fluctuates; dmesg | grep oom-killer shows the OutOfMemory-killer at work; How can I verify these things? See this.

You can also clear DNS cache in Ubuntu if you made changes to the hosts file, and you want it to be seen by your system without having to reboot it. Well, if you're in any of these situations, and you want to clear DNS cache, here is how to flush DNS cache in Linux This article explains how you can cache your web site contents with Apache's mod_cache on Debian Etch. If you have a high-traffic dynamic web site that generates lots of database queries on each request, you can decrease the server load dramatically by caching your content for a few minutes or more (that depends on how often you update your content) Ubuntu and other Debian-based distributions are probably running systemd-resolve. It's a convenient DNS daemon that's built in to systemd, which your system already utilizes for a ton of things. If you are running Ubuntu, everything is already set up and ready to go. Clear your cache by telling systemd to flush it

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If you look at the usage figures you can see that most of the memory use is for buffers and cache. Linux always tries to use RAM to speed up disk operations by using available memory for buffers (file system metadata) and cache (pages with actual contents of files or block devices). This helps the system to run faster because disk information is already in memory which saves I/O operations. If. Right click on blank area, then select New > Integer , set the preference name browser.cache.memory.capacity , enter the integer value in KB, like 204800 for 200 MB , and done .Check it with about:cache .; Move profile data to a tmpfs partition. Finally move all profile data to a tmpfs partition on RAM , tmpfs is a incredibly fast special type of file system that uses a part of RAM to. How To Flush Your Local DNS Cache. Posted on April 7, 2010 by Jay Allen | Updated: October 29, 2019 Category: Common Fixes | Tags: Caching, Command-line, DNS, Linux, Mac, Tutorial, Windows. Reading Time: 2 minutes. If your computer has trouble reaching a certain web site or server this may be due to a corrupt local DNS cache. This guide will show you how to clear your local DNS cache (flush.

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Magento Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of the Magento e-Commerce platform. It only takes a minute to sign up. Sign up to join this community. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top Home ; Questions ; Tags ; Users ; Unanswered ; Linux debian automatic script to free up memory - advice. Ask Question Asked 3 months. Overview. dm-cache uses solid-state drives as an additional level of indirection while accessing hard disk drives (), improving the overall performance by using fast flash-based SSDs as caches for the slower mechanical HDDs based on rotational magnetic media.As a result, the costly speed of SSDs becomes combined with the storage capacity offered by slower but less expensive HDDs These forums are being retired. Please ask all questions and help threads and any other type of discussions on GitHub.During this time, new threads and user registrations have been disabled The tutorial explains how to display the Linux memory usage using the free command, it also explains Linux cache memory and buffers and how to understand what each section of the free command is.

When extra physical memory is not in use, the kernel attempts to put it to work as a disk buffer cache. The disk buffer stores recently accessed disk data in memory; if the same data is needed again it can be quickly retrieved from the cache, improving performance. The buffer grows and shrinks dynamically to use the memory available, although priority is given to using the memory for paging. Cache - the Cache interface or in memory). USAGE¶ To use the Cache system, a cache implementation must be chosen to suit your needs. The most common is Cache::File, which is suitable for sharing data between multiple invocations and even between concurrent processes. Using a cache is simple. Here is some very simple sample code for instantiating and using a file system based cache. use. Flush Ubuntu DNS Cache. Some Debian Linux like Ubuntu still uses systemd-resolve. This resolve is already built into the system in Ubuntu and it is being used for a lot of things by the operating system automatically without the user's knowledge. Its already installed and set up in Ubuntu, the user just has to enter the command to flush the DNS and it will get done. First, you need to open. This directive enables us to set the size of memory or the amount of memory allocated for caching query results. In a typical server, the default value for this directive will be '0'. It denotes the query cache is disabled. The query caching will be disabled by default. To enable the query caching we need to set some value to this. We should set the value according to how much memory we. The ultimate guide to clear cache on kodi. KODI keeps certain video data temporarily in its memory to increase the streaming performance. It is very easy to clear cache on kodi without any harm, it will free up memory on your device, and the device gets developed for better streaming performance in the future At the command line type rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions/* and push enter. This will delete the sessions cache, and it should stop any windows from popping up the next time you start your computer. If you're still having issues, then you can also clear the entire .cache directory out. This will get rid of any saved window settings that you've had, but if you have nothing running then it won't.

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